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Len Horowitz - Love is the REAL Da Vinci Code

Love is the REAL Da Vinci Code 
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM) is an internationally known authority in public health, emerging diseases, and natural healing. Author of more than sixteen books, he is globally known as the most outspoken critic of the genocide he ascribes to the "military medical petrochemical pharmaceutical cartel."

In 1999, he was voted "Author of the Year" by the World Natural Health Organization for his first of three national bestsellers, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?

In 2006, he was honored by the World Organization for Natural Medicine as a "World Leading Intellectual." Later that year, he was knighted for his works in health education, natural healing, vaccine risk awareness, and ministry medicine by The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem.
Dr. Horowitz’s presentations and publications have served as the impetus for numerous Hollywood productions. His most recent book, LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE, a 2-hour DVD documentary, The LOVE CODE, presents the musical-mathematics underlying the spiritual mechanics of The Secret (DVD documentary). His "Perfect Circle of SoundTM" revelations have been revolutionizing the music industry as well as water science. Dr. Horowitz revealed that the 528Hz frequency of sound is the precise LOVE tone. He introduced recording artists Jonathan Goldman, Scott Huckabay, and others to this musical technology of Divine creativity with which instruments can be retuned to prompt miraculous healings.

Dr. Horowitz’s website is www.drlenhorowitz.com

Lisa Sabin-Wilson


Lisa Sabin-Wilson<empty>
WordPress for Dummies

Lisa is the Author of "Word Press for Dummies" and a certified WordPress Evangelist who uses and recommends WordPress as a CMS and blogging tool. E.Webscapes Blog Design Studio is powered 100% by WordPress - and this site, itself, serves as quite an excellent example to my clients as to the great potential WordPress has, not only as a blogging tool - but as a powerful and flexible content management system that can power a full blown business website, as well.

Together with her husband they own and operate a full service web hosting company called Blogs About Hosting. Started in 2002, Blogs About Hosting has an emphasis on blogs and bloggers, particularly the use of the WordPress and WordPress MU platforms for site development. I am in the nicely unique position of being able to provide our hosted clients with experienced and comprehensive WordPress technical support.

It surely doesn’t hurt to have a web host who wrote the book on WordPress, right? Approximately 98% of our hosted clients at Blogs About Hosting run WordPress, or WordPress MU, as their platform of choice for managing the content on their web sites and blogs.

On a personal level - when I’m not working you can usually find me scuba diving 100 ft belowthe water or downhill skiing up high atop a mountain.. or just relaxing with my family, enjoying a good cup of espresso and a good book or movie.

Frosty Woolridge - America on the Brink


America on the Brink<empty>


The USA will double its population from 300 million to over 600 million sometime past mid century—if current growth rates continue. It will add 100 million within 32 years by 2040. Demographic predictions show Colorado adds five million people to the Front Range in the next 40 years. California will add 20 million within the next 30 years. Texas will add 12 million by 2025. We create an irreversible crisis with unsolvable problems for our children.

"The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them."Einstein".

Frosty Wooldridge, former Colorado math/science teacher, has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents and six times across the United States coast to coast in the past 35 years. He has witnessed the crisis of overpopulation in Mexico, China, Bangladesh, India and South America.

He presents a clear picture of the future for America if we continue on this Titanic-like course while offering solutions that stand in line with Einstein's appreciation for stepping out of the box. Wooldridge began as a teacher in Brighton, Colorado since 1973 and is the author of seven books. He presents a powerful and compelling program to all audiences laced with humor, compassion and sense of optimism. Wooldridge has been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV programs across the United States including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.
As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "We must prevent human tragedy rather than run around trying to save ourselves after an event has already occurred. Unfortunately, history clearly shows that we arrive at catastrophe by failing to meet the situation, by failing to act when we should have acted. The opportunity passes us by and the next disaster is always more difficult and compounded than the last one".

Marsha Collier

Joel Best

<empty><empty>Stat Spotting

Stat-Spotting - A Field Guide to Identifying Dubious Data

"This is a practical guide on how to recognize questionable statistics, the kind typically thrown around by pundits and cited in news stories, especially during election season.... a wakeup call for many of us to learn to identify or to find out how to track down credible information."
--Publishers Weekly

"If you ever scan the newspaper, watch the TV news, or surf the blogs, you should read this charming book. If you're a journalist, read it twice."
--James M. Jasper

"As we now swim in information, much of it bogus or biased, spotting dubious data is super important. In Stat-Spotting, Joel Best plays off the format of field guides to give readers good, common sense ways not only to sense bad data but to understand what's wrong. Broken up into short independent sections much like field guides to various flora or fauna, the book is easy and enjoyable to read. Easy, enjoyable, and valuable. I will recommend it to my students, and to others, as a resource for critical consumers of numbers."
--Bernard Madison, University of Arkansas

"The purpose of Stat-Spotting is to help readers become more critical consumers of statistical claims. It is an important work addressing a significant problem in contemporary society: thoughtlessness about numerical claims. Best's work here provides a direct, accessible guide to critical readings of statistics."
--Neil Lutsky, Carleton College

Are four million women really battered to death by their husbands or boyfriends each year? Does a young person commit suicide every thirteen minutes in the United States? Is methamphetamine our number one drug problem today? Alarming statistics bombard our daily lives, appearing in the news, on the Web, seemingly everywhere. But all too often, even the most respected publications present numbers that are miscalculated, misinterpreted, hyped, or simply misleading. Following on the heels of his highly acclaimed Damned Lies and Statistics and More Damned Lies and Statistics, Joel Best now offers this practical field guide to help everyone identify questionable statistics. Entertaining, informative, and concise, Stat-Spotting is essential reading for people who want to be more savvy and critical consumers of news and information.

Stat-Spotting features:

  • Pertinent examples from today's news, including the number of deaths reported in Iraq, the threat of secondhand smoke, the increase in the number of overweight Americans, and many more
  • A commonsense approach that doesn't require advanced math or statistics

Joel Best is Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware. Among his many books are Flavor of the Month: Why Smart People Fall for Fads, More Damned Lies and Statistics: How Numbers Confuse Public Issues, and Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists, all from UC Press.

Steve Davenport

Uncontainable Noise
Uncontainable Noise

Steve Davenport is the author of Uncontainable Noise (2006), which won Pavement Saw Press's Transcontinental Poetry Prize and was short-listed for that year's National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) finalist category in Poetry. His Murder on Gasoline Lake, published originally in Black Warrior Review and listed as Notable in Best American Essays 2007, is now available as a New American Press chapbook.

The Summer 2008 issue of The Literary Review carries a chapbook of his recent poetry and fiction, free for the downloading at TLR's website. The poetry in that chapbook, Curtal Sonnets from American Bottom, won him a Charles Angoff Award for best contribution that volume year. In addition to poetry and prose in dozens of literary magazines, his scholarly work can be found in academic journals, university press anthologies, and educational materials. About Uncontainable Noise, Kathleen Graber writes, "What there is . . . of the cowboy in these poems is an attitude which transcends the simple and violent lexicon of Remingtons and bullets; it is an archetypal outlaw spirit, a resistance and resilience, that passionate, uncontainable style of being in the world that makes the cowboy so very dark, both darkly irresistible and darkly dangerous."

Another reviewer, Eric Miles Williamson, puts it this way: "Steve Davenport writes like Charles Bukowski might have written if he'd had more talent or been able to hold his liquor better."

Steve earned his PhD at the same school, University of Illinois, where he has served the Creative Writing Program since 2004 as Associate Director and Ninth Letter's Creative Nonfiction Editor.

Patrice Chaplin

City of SecretsCity of Secrets

A writer and playwright, Patrice Chaplin has written over 25 books.

Her novel Siesta became a film starring Jodie Foster and Isabella Rossellini. As a bohemian in Paris, she spent time with Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. Married to Charlie Chaplin's son, Michael, in Hollywood she worked with Lauren Bacall, Miles Davis, and Salvador Dali. She lives in London.

City of Secrets is, perhaps, the very first nonfiction title to combine the stories of the legendary Grail phenomenon with that of a modern-day love story. This is the true story of an Englishwoman, writer Patrice Chaplin, and how she helped reveal the secrets of the famed Rennes-le-Château and Abbé Saunière mystery.

Patrice first went to the ancient Spanish town of Girona in 1955 as a fifteen-year-old girl. She fell in love with the town and with Jose, its favorite son. Over the years, as she returns again and again, she sees and hears many unusual things: people talking about a wealthy priest named Abbé Saunière of Rennes-le-Château, an old house with an amazing garden owned by a mysterious French woman, a strange ceremony in this house, and several intriguing characters, including Jean Cocteau.

Later, in 2003, Patrice finally starts to make sense of everything she has seen. Her lifelong friend and former lover, Jose, has a heart attack, and decides it's time to reveal the secrets he has been guarding from the world. She learns that a private society has, for generations, held Saunière's letters and documents after his death in 1917. She also learns Jose has been the society's custodian for many years. Jose tells Patrice the secret is not in Rennes-le-Château and that it is now her duty to discover the rest.

In support of her revelations, Patrice provides copies of previously unreleased letters, written by Saunière, along with other documented evidence. Her romantic and lucid writing style, which has often been compared to Beat Generation legend, Jack Kerouac, will leave readers with no doubt that this book is one-of-a-kind.

Self Coaching Toolbox
John Anthony West

Serpent in the Sky

Serpent in the Sky

John Anthony West is a writer, scholar and Pythagorean, born in New York City. He is the author of The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt, and consulting editor for the Traveler's Key series. His previous book, Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt is an exhaustive study of the revolutionary Egyptological work of the French mathematician and Orientalist, the late R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

In The Case for Astrology, John Anthony West presents compelling new evidence that proves the astrological premise: that correlations exist between events in the sky and on earth, and that correspondences exist between the human personality and the positions of the planets at birth.

Mr. West has published a novel and many short stories; his plays have been produced on stage, television and radio, and he writes articles, essays and criticism for The New York Times Book Review, Conde Nast's Traveler and other general interest and specialized newspapers and magazines in America and abroad. He won an EMMY Award for his 1993 NBC Special Documentary The Mystery of the Sphinx, hosted by Charlton Heston.

The ancient Egyptians themselves attributed their wisdom to an earlier age going back 36,000 years. West set out to test the hypothesis that the Sphinx was much older than its conventional date of 2500 BC. His findings provide the first hard evidence that an earlier age of civilization preceded the known development of civilization in the Nile Valley.

John Anthony West is today the leading authority and proponent of the 'Symbolist' school of Egyptology, an alternative interpretation of ancient Egyptian culture advanced by the French scholar and philosopher, R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz (1891-1962). In the Symbolist view, Egyptian architecture and art disclose a richer and more universal wisdom than conventional Egyptology has assumed.

Charles Seems

Ready Set Hired

Ready Set Hired

Charles Seems was born in Dalhousie, N.B. (Canada) in September 1952 of an American Father and French Canadian (Acadian) Mother. He graduated from the Université de Moncton in 1976 where he earned a Bachelor of Translation & Interpretation degree.

He moved to Ottawa where he taught French as a Second Language in West Quebec schools.

He earned a Certificate of Teaching French as a Second Language from the Université du Québec in Hull in 1978 and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa in 1980.

In 2008, Charles Seems published Ready, Set, Hired! A Practical Guide to Starting a Career with the Canadian Government, an essential tool for anyone looking to launch a career with the Canadian federal public service. Marketed by General Store Publishing House to coincide with the centennial of the first federal government employment legislation, this book provides valuable tips for anyone involved in finding a job with the Canadian Government. Both external and internal candidates will benefit from the plain language insightful information this publication provides.

In 2007, in conjunction with 12 other authors, Charles Seems was published by Experts Who Speak Books. In Leadership Gurus Speak Out!, Charles Seems' contribution is a chapter on making powerful presentations: Making Memorable Presentations: A Holistic Approach for Leaders.

Charles joined the Federal Public Service of Canada in 1981 and resigned in 2002 having worked in management and human resources consulting for 21 years. In 1986, Charles founded 'Interiors by Design' a residential interior decorating consulting business. In 2002, he launched HR Spectrum offering HR training, coaching, tutoring and consulting services to Canadian federal government departments.

Over the years, Charles has worked in the banking sector, in the hospitality industry, in the education sector, in management consulting, in human resources consulting and in interior decorating consulting.

Kate Gale

<empty><empty>Mating Season

Mating Season

Kate is full time Managing Editor of Red Hen Press. She is an editor, writer, literary citizen and arts manager. She has been a visiting poet at Pomona College and has taught in the Graduate Humanities Program at Mt. St. Mary's. She teaches publishing courses at Antioch University Los Angeles. She speaks at universities, writing conferences, low residency and residency MFA programs on inedependent publishing, editing and publicity.

In 1994 Kate Gale founded Red Hen Press. The press was started as a collective and began to publish Kate and her fellow writers: Marlene Joyce Pearson, Ricardo Means Ybarra, Benjamin Saltman and Angela Ball. Later the press was reorganized as a non-profit 501(c)3 and began to build an active writing community in Los Angeles.

In the wake of the closing of Black Sparrow Press and Sun and Moon, Red Hen Press became one of the largest indendent presses in Southern California.

They publish twenty titles a year of poetry, literary fiction and non-fiction. Red Hen Press established a Writing in the Schools Program funded by the city, the county, the Novel, "Lake of Fire" Ahmanson, Dwight Stuart Foundation, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Their reading series at the Ruskin Art Club and the Geffen Playhouse hosts such writers as Carolyn See, John Rechy, C.D. Wright, Li-Young Lee, Joy Harjo, Chris Abani, Al Young, Robert Scheer, Paul Cummins, and Marvin Bell.

Building community in Los Angeles allowed Kate to live life as a literary provaceteur, hosting and creating change in literary life. Kate lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Mark E. Cull, and one of their children.

Kate GaleBoards Serving/Served On:
PEN USA 2005-2006, President
Claremont Graduate University School of Arts and Humanities, Board Member
Kingsley Tufts Committee, Co-Chair
American Composers Forum Los Angeles, President
A Room of Her Own, Board Member
Poetry Society of America, Board Member
Red Hen Press, Managing Editor
Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute – New Media Project: www.redhen.org - Kate Gale - Poet