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The Silent Gospel <empty    >James A. Barrett - The Silent Gospel 

James Andrew Barrett, a student of religious and mystical traditions, embarked on an odyssey in 1995 to create a heart based biofeedback device that would aid recognition of a natural intelligence spoken of by wisdom traditions. An Intelligence, mystical philosophy claims, bypasses our genetic gifts, IQ, age, cultural conditioning, and education; an intelligence called Heart Intelligence. The goal at the time was a “real-time” cardiac biofeedback device that would support development of a Compassionate Heart and recognition of this unique heart based intelligence.

Success came with the help of several individuals, particularly a former Air Force human-machine interface control systems analyst at Wright Patterson Air force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Resulting data from their innovative approach demonstrated inherent heart based intelligence driving many of the psychological and physical systems important to wellness.

In March of 2000, a life-altering epiphany occurred when his son of twenty-seven year suddenly died without a known cause. During those weeks of grief, Barrett was given a clear vision of a book and a clear personal experience of the “witnessing” facet of mind. His priority then changed from developing the cardiac device and its protocols, to research, writing and lecturing on the subject of Human Potentiality. The Silent Gospel: The Science of Divinity-The Creation of the Shroud of Turin is a result of this period of inquiry.

In his book he marries Eastern and Western Science to decipher the embedded testament left in the ancient cloth known as the Shroud of Turin. He claims that it is a Silent Gospel meant specifically for humanity during these times. Ultimately he has come to believe that the Shroud of Turin illuminates both the topic of Ascension and the Nature of Reality.

James currently lives in Northern California and is working on a screenplay about the “History of the Shroud.”


The Cockamamy World of A. Yold
 <empty    >Paul Mackan -
The Cockamamy World of A. Yold

His first book, The Cockamamy World of A.Yold, newly published by PublishAmerica (not, absolutely not, a vanity publisher) that is to be officially launched by Collected Works Bookstore at the Ottawa Bagelshop & Deli, Monday October 6th, 2008. A. Yold is a fictional character he created based upon a Yiddish word Yold, meaning a native, gullible dolt. It takes the form of diary notes of fads and fashions he observes from under his desk in Ottawa’s civil service. It’s a small book of wit and wonder.

He had a few good years as a freelance broadcaster with CBC radio, winning an ACTRA award. He now lives a widower missing his Sara Lee acutely.

The Truth About Canada <empty    >Mel Hurtig – The Truth About Canada

Renowned as a passionate Canadian, best-selling author Mel Hurtig has combed through world statistics to see how Canada really measures up — and the results are astonishing, and often shocking.

This book is about how Canada has changed, very much for the worse, in the last twenty years. As a result of these profound (often hidden) changes, we are no longer the people we think we are. To take one example, the Canadian media usually leaves us with the impression that Canadians are really heavily taxed. Yes, compared to the U.S.A., the usual point of comparison. Compared to other countries with our standard of living, other OECD countries, for example, we come in 23rd on the high-tax scale.

The shocks in this book build up, chapter by chapter. How do we rank in the world in voter turnout? Try 109th. Number of physicians per 100,000 population? Try 54th. Our rank in reducing pollution? 126th out of 146 countries.

Some of the statistics are internal, comparing Canada then and now. They back up two of the book’s most powerful themes: the failure of Canadian big business to turn record profits into ongoing investment in our country, and (no coincidence) the sellout of our assets at a rate that no other country would allow.

This statistics-based book ranges across all areas of our lives — including health, wages, productivity, culture, the media (“the most concentrated in the world”), and much else. Mel Hurtig’s message is that we can’t do anything to fix the direction we’re drifting in unless we recognize it — and recognize The Truth About Canada.

About the Author

Mel Hurtig is the legendary Edmonton bookseller, publisher, and creator of The Canadian Encyclopedia and founder of the “Council of Canadians” who became a political activist, then an author in 1991 with his huge bestseller The Betrayal of Canada. He is also the author of Pay the Rent or Feed the Kids, The Vanishing Country, and Rushing to Armageddon. He is a member of the Order of Canada, and has received many honorary degrees and honours. He lives in Vancouver.

The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing <empty    >Jonathan Goldman
The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing

Jonathan Goldman is one of the most highly recognized international authorities on sound healing. He founded the Sound Healers Association over twenty five years ago, establishing his name as one of the major pioneers and innovators in the field. A gold selling artist, he is an outstanding facilitator whose highly regarded workshops have been attended by many thousands throughout the world. His seminal book, HEALING SOUNDS, has been translated into numerous foreign languages and has received international critical acclaim. His recording of “Chakra Chants” remains one of the top selling healing music of all times.

Jonathan GoldmanAUTHOR

  • HEALING SOUNDS: The Power of Harmonics, Inner Traditions, 2001
  • SHIFTING FREQUENCIES, Light Technology, 1998
  • THE LOST CHORD, Spirit Music, 1999
  • TANTRA OF SOUND, Hampton Roads (March 2005)
  • THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING, Hay House (March 2008)


  • #1 Best Selling Recording CHAKRA CHANTS - NAV, May 2000 (Retail Trade Pub.), 1999 Visionary Award Winner for "Best Healing-Meditation Album" & "Album of the Year" and  Top 10 Best Seller NAR; 2001 - 2004,
  • ULTIMATE OM - "Top 20 Must Have CDs!", NAR (Retail Trade Pub)
  • Top 10 Best Selling ULTIMATE OM - NAR; Feb. 2003 - 2004 (Retail Trade Pub)
  • THE LOST CHORD - 2001 Visionary Award  Runner Up for "Best Healing-Meditation Album"
  • HEALING SOUNDS - Instructional accompanies book for 1997 Doubleday Health Book series
  • MEDICINE BUDDHA - Created for H. H. the Dalai Lama's 2001 US Teachings
  • CHAKRADANCE - 2005 Visionary Award Runner Up for "Best World Music"
  • DIVINE NAME (with Gregg Braden) - 2005 Visionary Award Runner up for "Best Healing" Album
  • CELESTIAL REIKI—"Best Sustained Trance Music of the Year" - Yoga Journal
  • SACRED TIBET - First studio recording of H.H. the Dalai Lama's Gyume Tibetan Monks
  • DOLPHIN DREAMS - "Best Special Production of the Year” - Wholelife/Earthstar
  • Vocalist on Kitaro’s 2001 Grammy Award Winning THINKING OF YOU
  • Grammy nominated co-creator of Lama Tashi's "TIBETAN MASTER CHANTS"
  • Named #5 "Most Popular Recording Artist" in "New Age Retailer" 2006
  • FREQUENCIES - 2006 Visionary Award Finalist "Best Healing Album"
  • TANTRA OF SOUND - 2007 Visionary Winner "Best Alternative Health Book"
  • Newest book THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING #1 in the Healing Category for books week of March 10, 2008
  • Longtime Best Selling CD "Holy Harmony" #1 in the Healing Category for music week of March 10, 2008


  • Master's Degree from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA 1986 in Sound Healing
  • Founding Director of the Sound Healers Association
  • President of Spirit Music, Inc
  • Lecturing Member for the International Society for Music Medicine
  • Empowered by the Chant Master of the  H.H. Dalai Lama's Drepung Loseling Monastery to teach sacred Tibetan Overtone Chanting
  • Initiated as Hindu Swami by Swami Brahmananda
  • Lectures and teaches internationally, including major sound conferences & health expos – including in 2003: Prophets Conference, Science & Consciousness Conference, Wesak Festival, Healing Sounds Intensive, East-West Books, Solstice Institute 


  • Featured on National television, radio, print and videos, including Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM,  USA Today, New York Times, Spectrum, Vogue, Nexus, Boston Herald, Rocky Mt. News, CD Review
  • Quoted in numerous books, including Julia Cameron's VEINS OF GOLD, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor's SOUNDS OF HEALING and Don Campbell's MOZART EFFECT
  • Featured interviews and articles in many books including: MUSIC: PHYSICIAN FOR TIMES TO COME,  HEALING SPIRITS,  SONIC ALCHEMY,  MUSIC MEDICINE, THE MOSES CODE
  • Chapter in the McGraw-HIll textbook MUSIC IN OUR WORLD devoted to Jonathan's recording of DOLPHIN DREAMS and included in accompany listening CD
  • Featured on soundtrack including Oliver Stone's HEAVEN AND EARTH as well as EARTH ON FIRE  and THE LEGEND OF THE CHOSEN ONE
  • Hosted Internet's World Puja live Webcasts, and creator of global events including: World Sound Healing Day
  • Monthly column (with wife, Andi) in "Mystic Pop Magazine"  

Hosts monthly "Healing Sounds Radio Show" on www.Healthylife.net

 <empty    > <empty    >Antonia Jahusz - The Tyranny of Oil

The World's Most Powerful Industry - and What We Must Do to Stop It

The Tyranny of OilPulls back the curtain on Big Oil - uncovering virtually unparalleled global power, influence over elected officials, lax regulatory oversight, the truth behind $150-a-barrel oil, $4.50-a-gallon gasoline, and the highest profit in corporate history. Exposing an industry that thrives on secrecy, Juhasz shows how Big Oil manages to hide its business dealings from policy makers, legislators, and most of all, consumers. She reveals exactly how Big Oil gets what it wants - through money, influence, and deception. Juhasz then provides a clear set of meaningful and achievable solutions, including the break-up of Big Oil.

The Tyranny of Oil prepares readers for election 2008 - allowing them to interpret the constant stream of competing proposals and perplexing news stories about the economy and oil. It arms with the facts while guiding readers through the industry's rapacious history - demonstrating how the worst abuses of the robber-baron era are being revisited today.

Drawing on considerable historical research, Juhasz explores the parallels between today's companies and Standard Oil, the most powerful corporation of the early 20th century, whose stranglehold on the economy and government was broken only by the vision and persistence of activists and like-minded politicians.

It has taken nearly 100 years, but Standard's pieces have nearly been put back together. Since the 1990's, more than 2600 mergers have taken place in the U.S. oil industry. Juhasz traces a radical transformation in antitrust law in the U.S., concluding that many, particularly the largest of these mergers, should never have been permitted.

Gas prices: ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP, Shell, and Valero control almost 60% of the U.S. refining market - roughly twice as much as the six largest companies controlled just 12 years ago - and more than 60% of U.S. gas stations. Thousands of independent oil refineries and gas stations have been bought up or pushed out, leaving a market dominated by a few oil giants.

Oil prices: Oil industry power also helps explain today's skyrocketing oil prices - not just the weak dollar, supply shortages, or rising demand - but rampant industry speculation. Juhasz demonstrates how as much as half of the price of a barrel of oil is largely determined by the actions of energy futures traders, including those working for and on behalf of Big Oil. Having succeeded in gutting government oversight and regulation, Big Oil has helped make oil futures one of the hottest, least monitored trading properties in the world. 

Politics: Juhasz reveals how Big Oil turns hundreds of billions of dollars in annual profit into unparalleled influence over local decisions, state governments, Congress, the White House, and the international arena. Through candid interviews and investigative research, Juhasz traces a tangled web of high-powered lobbyists, lawyers, and money.

Environment: She reveals Big Oil’s disingenuous claims that it's part of the solution to global warming - finding that in 2006 and 2007, no major oil company spent more than 4% of its expenditures on green energy, and most spent far less. Instead the industry is intent on pursuing the energy-intensive and pollution-heavy processes of wringing oil from shale and tar sands and offshore drilling - pushing the planet ever-closer to climate catastrophe.

War: Oil is not only about warming it is also about war. Juhasz uncovers Big Oil's role in the war in Iraq and a potential war against Iran. As Juhasz argues, you could study a map of Big Oil's overseas operations, the world's remaining oil reserves, and oil transport routes to predict the deployment of the U.S. military in the decades to come.

Solutions: The Tyranny of Oil enables readers to recognize the smokescreens Big Oil uses to obscure its role in the crippling of the economy, and to understand how Big Oil exercises its influence over the most pressing political questions of our day. Arguing that the elections offer a unique opportunity for bold change, Juhasz puts forward real solutions, including an immediate call to action for the break-up of Big Oil and a "Separation of Oil and State," challenging elected officials to renounce all oil company money.

Antonia JuhaszAntonia Juhasz is a leading expert on international trade and finance policy and the author of The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time.  A fellow with Oil Change International and the Institute for Policy Studies, she has served as an aide to two U.S. members of Congress and holds as Masters degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University. An award-winning writer and frequent media commentator, her work has been featured in dozens of publications, including the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Petroleum Review Magazine, and Alternet.org. She has appeared on Kudlow & Company, National Public Radio's Diane Rehm Show and Marketplace, Washington Journal, Hannity & Colmes, and Democracy Now! among many other shows. She lives in San Francisco, CA.