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Archived Interviews #4

Jonathan Harrison

We Are All One  


An ordinary man tells an extraordinary story. This book, written in just six days following a near death experience, shares the insights of the authorís meeting with universal consciousness. Using simple language and everyday examples, he reveals how the present global spiritual awakening is revolutionizing our understanding of the links between mind, matter and spirit, reflecting upon the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective future reality of our species.

"When you venture beyond identity, you realize that what you are is awakened consciousness. No longer a separate piece of the puzzle of life, but interconnected existence itself." writes the author. His message is that through consciously aligning with the spiritual truism "We Are All One," we can learn to access our true selves with increasing frequency, gradually overcoming our addiction to the "I," eventually entering a new realm where oneness is a living reality.

J.M. Harrison is a spiritual guide, intuitive healer, and mystic. We Are All One, his first publication, offers followers of the path of self-realization a doorway to the deepening of awareness by sharing his experiences of awakening. This book is original, pure and a blessing to all spiritual truth seekers.

Bart Windrum

Bart Windrum - Notes from the Waiting RoomNotes from the Waiting Room  


Notes from the Waiting Room
and How to Efficiently Settle the Family Estate offer unique contributions to American families. Written from a lay person's experience, research, and perspective, Bart Windrum speaks to lay people about crucial end-of-life issues in a clear and direct way, in a way that institutions and professionals either overlook or are unwilling to bring to life.

Sr. Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, M.P.F., Ed.D.

Aids Orphans Rising  


Sister Mary has been helping the orphans and the child headed households of the Missions of the Religious Teachers Filippini for the past 12 years.

Her experiences in Albania, Brazil, Ethiopia and India have spurred her on to produce her book, AIDS Orphans Rising, which takes readers through the daily lives of these forgotten children, and includes many ideas on how you can help them make it in this world. Sister Mary holds a doctorate in Nutrition and Public Health from Columbia University.

Duff Brenna



Duff Brenna's life exemplifies the theme of transformation through repeatedly banging one's head up against the universal Why Not? And what he's learned about the human heart as he transformed himself painfully from delinquent to artist brilliantly colors his work.

Brenna is a freelance writer and Professor Emeritus of English literature and creative writing at California State University, San Marcos. He is the author of six published novels. His books have been translated into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hebrew, and Japanese. (Brenna's books are listed below by order of publication.)

  • The Book of Mamie, winner of the prestigious AWP The Association of Writers & Writing Programs Award for Best Novel

  • The Holy Book of the Beard, called "an underground classic" by The New York Times

  • Too Cool, a NY Times Noteworthy Book

  • The Altar of the Body, winner of a San Diego Writers Prize in 2002, and the Editors Prize Favorite Book of the Year awarded by the South Florida Sun Sentinel

  • The Willow Man, called "another work of indelible genius" by Irish Edition

  • The Law of Falling Bodies, called "a bravura performance by one of America's best talents" by Michael Lee, Literary Editor of The Cape Cod Voice and a member of the National Book Critics Circle

Two of Brenna's novels, The Book of Mamie and Too Cool, have been optioned by Jimmy Kaufman, a Canadian producer and film director. Brenna wrote the screenplay for The Book of Mamie, which Kaufman calls one of the finest scripts he's ever read.